10 things you may not know about your computer

  • Leave your computer on or turn it off? – Honestly it’s up to you, I personally leave my computer on, I have my programs that scan for viruses, defrag my hard drive, not to mention, sometime I jet-set around the world, and I need to remote into my computer to get that important file I forgot.
  • Norton/McAfee/Brand X will protect me. – Ha! If only that were true, otherwise we’d have only one anti-virus program out there and the computer guys like us would be out of business! Honestly, we review our protection software annually, and we have changed our anti-virus programs a couple of times already. You can see some of the reviews of different anti-virus programs from a non-biased perspective at http://www.av-comparatives.org/dynamic-tests/
  • My files are backed up with DropBox! ­– Yeah right! You haven’t heard of CryptoLocker. CryptoLocker is a nasty malware that encrypts your data, rendering it useless. Since it the files aren’t actually deleted, they are stored encrypted, or in our words destroyed, and all of your files are rendered useless and then synced with DropBox. So, in a way, DropBox then destroyed the files on all of your devices, since it doesn’t know the difference of whether a file was maliciously encrypted, or intentionally.
  • Hacker’s aren’t interested in my stuff. – Well, that’s not exactly true; most hackers are usually scanning the web for information to sell in the black market, such as your social security number, credit card numbers, or other financial information. In the end, hackers aren’t interested in destroying your computer as much as they are interest in stealing, or their words “earning” money. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have the latest virus protection and security updates.
  • It’s important to let your laptop battery drain all the way regularly, so it doesn’t develop “battery memory” ­- I know, I know, we all remember those days that we were told to let the cordless phones (before cell phones) drain completely, and then fully charging it, however with lithium ion batteries (unlike the nickel cadmium), it’s actually much more complicated on maintaining your battery. It’s not good for the battery to be drained complete, and nor is it good to charge it fully to 100%, however you don’t have to worry about over-charging your laptop, as it will automatically stop charging once it reaches optimal charge. Your laptop will shut off and not power on after it reaches below a certain level of charge. Generally a normal laptop battery will last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. Today’s smart phones use the same batteries and the phones work the exact same way as a laptop!
  • If I have a Mac, only an Apple store can fix it if something happens to it. – Actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. From our own experience, we have found that our computer repair store in Houston, at Digital Crisis, that we can generally repair an Apple computer at a similar or lower price, while providing a faster turnaround time, and a one year warranty vs. the standard 30 day warranty that Apple provides on their repairs.
  • My Computer runs fine, there’s nothing on it! – We’re willing to bet that no matter how careful or cautious you are, your computer has some form of infection, whether it is a malware, or an adware that’s hidden in Internet Explorer, or even Google Chrome. The most frequent way users get adware on their computer is by installing “free” software on their computer, you know the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” well, this where it plays out. You get this cool game or PDF converter program, and you clicked that “I Accept” radio button without even reading the actual text, and you installed the application, which also came with Adware or Spyware. Then of course we hear, “But I didn’t download anything!”
  • I have a lot of files/music/videos/documents on my computer, that’s why it’s running so slow.-You’d think with all of that music and album covers you have from Back Street Boys, and all of your photos, videos, and even the games you have on your computer it would bring it down to a crawl. The fact is, no matter how much data you have on your computer, stored on the hard drive, it’s not generally going to slow down your computer, unless you’re approaching 85% capacity. We do recommend that when you do have more content on your hard drive, that you do perform hard drive optimization at least once a week, such as defragmenting, cleaning out temporary files, and other junk. Otherwise, your machine should be just as fast, and slick, generally it’s the amount of programs running at start-up that slow down most people’s computers.
  • Apple computers don’t get viruses. – We hear this all the time; we probably get asked this once or twice a week easily. Unfortunately, there can be worms in the Apple. There was a time that an Apple computer was less prone to getting an infection, but it was simply supply and demand. Mac computers are rapidly growing in the market for home computers, creating a demand to not only have viruses for the PC world, but also in the Apple world.
  • I don’t need a computer guy; my friend/neighbor can do it. – Well unless they’re a cool computer tech like us, chances are he or she probably know just enough to be dangerous, and maybe fix just the immediate problem, but not to identify potential future issues down the road. We have this happen all the time, “Well, I had this family friend work on my computer….” We had a company use a friend of the owner’s, and not only was he not qualified to do the job, but he lost that company’s entire hard drive full of their financial information. The company owner honestly wouldn’t have known better, since he himself wasn’t a tech himself, nor did he understand the risks involved with having an underqualified technician. It’s one thing to have your friend fix an electronic toy, such as your gaming computer, but when it comes to something more serious, such as your business, you had better think twice.

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