7 Things to keep the computer guy away…

Nothing is more irritating than to have something quit working when you need it most. Trust us, a computer never fails when it’s convenient, it always seems to fail right when you need it most.

7 things you can do to save you money with your computer:

  • Use Google Chrome. Seriously, you’re still using Internet Explorer? Even Microsoft is finally ditching Internet Explorer for Windows 10, by calling it Spartan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartan_(browser). I know, some outdated web applications still use ActiveX with Internet Explorer, but please, for your security and our sanity use Google Chrome, FireFox, or Opera.
  • Run CCleaner regularly. If you don’t know what CCleaner is, it’s time to get it! It literally means “Crap Cleaner” It removes temporary files, including internet cache, system temp files, and etc. Best of all it’s free! You can get it for free from www.ccleaner.com
  • Keep Windows up to date. Honestly, this is something that is easily overlooked and is critical. Updates will help ensure your computer is protected from the latest bugs, and glitches, not to mention security updates help protect your precious Justin Bieber photo collection.
  • Have anti-virus and keep it up to date, also have it scan your system often. You’re online right now, so you’re already at risk, reduce it by having the proper protection!
  • Have Disk Defragmenter run at least once a week automatically. You know there’s no substitute for that feeling of having a clean house? The same goes with your hard drive. You do not need to defragment solid-state drives, as this is done automatically without you doing anything.
  • Back up! Even if it’s to an external hard drive that runs automatically, any kind of backup is better than no backup. All hard drives will fail at some point or another; it’s just simply a matter of when. Don’t wait until you lose all of your Britney Spears music, or your Bieber fever photos!
  • Get a battery backup. Even if it’s a cheap battery backup, a battery backup that properly shuts down your computer is better than it being suddenly powered off. The other reason, it actually increases the life of the components in your computer. Feed it clean electricity, just like you’d feed your car clean gasoline or diesel.

We know that you may not know how to do all of these things, but that’s what we’re here for, Digital Crisis is the leading computer repair company in Houston. Give us a call today so we can get your machine the love it deserves.

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