Don’t lose your data!

I highly doubt you’ve never heard the words, “It’s important to back up your data.” You may have even learned from a first hand experience, or a friend, who was working on that college paper until 2 in the morning and then right when he or she was done, they were about to print it out, the computer froze, and had to reboot the computer, and when it came back up, to come find out, they lost all of her work that they had been working on for the past 2 weeks.

I’m willing to bet that most of you don’t even back up, not because you didn’t know that you should or didn’t know how, but probably because there’s nothing important on there, or maybe it’s a hassle, to get a USB flash drive, or external hard drive and copy the data over to your hard drive or USB key every so often.

Truth is, you probably have  a lot more stored on your computer than you give credit for, such as when you got the new iPhone 6 and wanted to migrate your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, or when you  ran out of room on that iPhone, you decided to offload some of those selfies to your computer, or when you did that essay for college, or that GoPro video of you scuba diving in the Caribbean.


What if I keep all of my stuff in DropBox or Google Sync?
Good question. The problem is, this has happened in the past before,  some users were using a cloud synchronization service, like DropBox, and their computer got infected with a nasty virus called CryptoLocker, their files had been destroyed due to the encryption on their files, and since DropBox is designed to synchronize the data, the damaged files were synchronized to all of the devices, rendering all the files useless.

What about virus protection? Shouldn’t that protect me from something like CryptoLocker?
For starters, no matter what anti-virus program you buy or use, there is no absolute guarantee that you won’t get an virus. Plus, it’s not a matter of if a hard drive fails, it’s a matter of when. Solid state drives fail too! They’re actually more difficult to get data back from, than your traditional mechanical hard drive, when it comes to a hardware failure.

What do you guys do? Is there an easy way to back up my data?
While we still use the cloud to back up your data just like Google and DropBox, we actually encrypt your data before it even leaves your computer, and we store every revision of your files forever (as long as you keep your account,) and the storage size is UNLIMITED! Our software automatically backs up your data as often as every 15 minutes, you don’t have to remember USB sticks, Hard drives, and you don’t have to have to do anything, literally. It’s a “Set it, and forget it” system. That’s the way backups should be, something that is done without you even having to worry about it.

What are you waiting for? Get protected now, in our next post we’ll be talking about Data recovery and how it works.


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