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How much data do you have on your computer that you wouldn’t want anyone else taking a peek at?
This is regardless of what kind of data it may be; some of us have sensitive business-centric information and some of us simply have a list of those, you know…websites, we wouldn’t want anyone associating us with. Now, imagine calling up a computer repair guy who can rummage through all this personal information while they work on your computer! The best case scenario is that they will grin and look at you funny when you come to pick up your machine. The worst case scenario is that they will take advantage of this knowledge! Remember, they have your billing details; which mean your full name, address and even possibly your credit card.

Absolutely horrific, right?
That scenario is the best example as to why you simply cannot wake up one day, find your computer on the fritz and call up the first contact labeled ‘Houston Computer Repair Guy’ in the Yellow Pages. It is clear that, as simple as this task may seem, it does require some thought put into it. That is, unless you want an untrustworthy IT guy going through your private digital life or intellectual property. Today, about 84% of U.S households own a computer or two. That is almost everyone. Out of all these people, a very small percentage of them can actually repair a computer. This is not taking into account those terrifyingly computer savvy kids of today. What this means is that most of America will at some point, need one form of computer help or another from a tech of their choice. How do you find the right, trustworthy computer tech?

Find One From A Trusted Houston Computer Repair Company
Individual repair guys are a dime a dozen, and quite frankly, so are computer repair companies. When it comes to pricing, individual repair guys generally tend to be a little cheaper than guys affiliated to a company. But do not let this price difference fool you. You are much better off hiring a computer tech from a reputable company than you are hiring one off the streets.

Here’s why:
– Companies take their reputations very seriously. To that effect, they will only hire the best of the best. This means that your computer guy will have some sort of qualifcation in his field. With this in their back pocket, you know for a fact that they actually know what they are doing. And if they don’t, they have a whole team by their side to assist them. This is opposed to finding a random repair guy who will rummage through your computer and quite possibly make it worse than it was before.

– Companies have regulations to adhere to. This makes them responsible and very careful with private information. It is said that we are an overly litigious society. In this case, that is a good thing. Companies know that they are exposed when it comes to legal liability. They do not know who will sue them when and for what. So they tend to keep everything on the straight and narrow to minimize that risk.
– You can trust a company with your hardware because they have a known physical address and contact information. Choosing someone from Craigslist is a risky affair for two main reasons. For starters, there are a lot of wayward individuals on there, and secondly, you have to take their word for whatever they tell you. You do not know who you are dealing with. When dealing with a company on the other hand, you know for a fact that they are registered and licensed; meaning you can always track them down. And additionally, they have contact information and a physical address that you can walk into. This is not the kind of person to up and leave in the middle of the night taking your precious gaming laptop with them.

-Do some research, find out about their warranty, ask for references, or ask around from your friends, for suggestions of where they get their computer fixed.

Getting a good computer repair company or computer tech shouldn’t be hard, however just like you have auto mechanics that are known to try to sell you a unicorn because your leprechaun was loose, you should always err on the side of caution when selecting a computer repair company.

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