How long will it take to fix my computer?

In-shop service usually takes 2-3 days, depending on the problems we find and parts ordered. We do our best to give you an approximate turn around time when you call or drop off your machine, but actual time is based on the number of systems waiting to be serviced in-shop.

Onsite service can most often be done the same day or next day depending on demand and time of day you schedule your appointment.

Have an emergency and can not wait our normal turnaround time? Talk to a technician today and ask about our emergency service.


What do I need to bring with me?

When you bring your computer into our shop for service, there is no need to bring a bunch of stuff. We don’t need any keyboards, monitors, mice, or cables unless you are having a problem with that piece of equipment. If you are bringing in a laptop, then please bring the power cord (AC adapter). If you have a printer issue, then be sure to bring the power cord and cable that connects the printer to the computer. Also bring in CD’s or DVD’s that came with your computer or that you have installed on the system. Having your discs isn’t always necessary, but can speed up the repair process. We follow strict software licensing agreements and require your original, manufacturers DVD’s or CD’s for re-installing programs.


What if my computer isn’t worth fixing or I decline the repairs?

Every computer can be repaired but realistically not every machine is worth repairing. When we feel this is the case, we will be honest and let you know that the cost of repair is comparable to the cost of buying a new machine. In the event you decide to decline repair, you can pick up the machine as-is or have us recycle it at no cost to you. We also offer data backup and recovery services, so that all your precious data can be transferred to a new machine.

If you decide to buy a replacement machine, then we can help you with your purchase. Our technicians can give recommendations and suggestions, as well as take care of the entire process for you. We can take out all the confusion and anxiety of buying your new computer. Whether you want a simple brand name machine or a high-end custom system, we will design, build, and deliver it to your home/business


You won’t lose all my data while you’re fixing my machine, right?

Absolutely not! Making a backup image of your hard drive is a part of our in-shop repair service. We are able to make an exact clone of your hard drive and store it on our huge file server until repair is complete. Our technicians can use the backup image to restore not just your personal files but the whole system to the way it was before work was done. This is a standard safety precaution we take to ensure that your data is not lost during the repair process.


So what’s the difference between data backup and data recovery?

Data Recovery is a service we offer to recover lost or accidentally deleted files. We can also recover files from corrupted and failing hard drives. Recovering files is a long process that requires the use of multiple specialized software scanners to scan the entire drive. Once data is recovered, a technician can transfer the files to another computer or to a new hard drive.

Data Backup is a set of services we offer to prevent the need for data recovery. Our services include automatic local file backup solutions, as well as online file backup solutions. All electronics are prone to failure. Some hard drives last longer then others and some are simply faulty. So it is always very important to have multiple layers of backup setup on a schedule. Call today and ask a technician about the three layers of backup.


You do on-site work… But how far will you go?

We serve Houston and all the surrounding communities. All homes and businesses within a 50 mile radius of our downtown location have the trip charges waived. If you are outside this radius, then just give us a call and ask about our trip charges for your area. Not only do our technicians travel all over the city, state, and across the country, but we have sent our technicians across the globe to work on computer systems.


How are you any different than Geek Squad, or other local geek crews?

We actually like Geek Squad! Many of our best customers have come to us after a Geek Squad repair experience. The truth is that an independently owned, local team of experienced and devoted technicians will always be able to provide a higher quality service at a lower rate than the ‘big-box’ retail stores run by multinational corporations. When you call Digital Crisis, you always speak to a real technician that is in town and not on the other side of the world. At these large retail stores, vital repair decisions are made by sales people and managers that may not know anything about real computer repair. This process sets in place procedures and policies that hamper any technicians from preforming quality work.

Also what sets us apart is our pricing structure. We have specially designed our rates so that all problems can be taken care of at an affordable rate to the community. Our Just Fix It! package includes full diagnostic, complete repair, clean ups, preventative inspection and optimizations, as well as a complete internal cleaning of your computer.

Unlike many freelance technicians and small “Mom & Pop” shops, we have the resources and experience to solve all computer related issues. Even if we don’t know how to solve your problem at first, we will always be able to figure it out. With years of experience and skilled troubleshooting abilities, our technicians are born problem solvers.